12 Sales Enablement Resources You’ll Keep Revisiting

September 12, 2016

Whether you’re just starting your sales enablement practice or refining your strategy, you need to stay on top of the latest sales enablement best practices. Here are 12 great resources that are worth leaning on and learning from.

1. Tamara Schenk

Tamara is the Research Director of CSO Insights, a division of MHI Global. She’s held a variety of sales and marketing positions over the course of her 20-year career, and the inspiration for her posts comes from real-world experiences.

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2. Association for Talent Development

The ATD is a professional membership organization that provides support for anyone providing training and education services in a corporate setting. Their member-written blog looks at how organizations can improve their sales training programs and processes.

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3. The Sales Enablement Blog from Mindmatrix

Mindmatrix’s blog looks at how companies can develop a sales enablement program that addresses the unique needs of their channel partners and resellers.

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4. Chief Martech

Edited by Scott Brinker, co-founder and CTO of Ion Interactive, the Chief Martech blog is written for senior marketing and technology decision makers. It covers the intersection between sales and marketing technologies.

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5. Paul Krajewski

Paul is a digital marketing strategist and key account developer at MING Labs. His blog features a definitive list of companies providing sales enablement technologies and services.

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6. MarketingProfs

MarketingProfs is an excellent source of information for sales and marketing professionals looking for real-world solutions to common and not-so-common problems. Their site features articles, online seminars, discussion forums and more.

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7. Heinz Marketing

Heinz Marketing is an agency that focuses on helping companies increase their sales pipeline, and close business. Their blog, podcast and other content provides practical advice and proven best practices.

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8. SiriusDecisions

Analyst firm SiriusDecisions helps sales, marketing and product leaders make better decisions based on their industry research and best practices learned from their clients.

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9. Hubspot Sales Blog

Hubspot is a leading inbound marketing and sales software solution. Their blog for sales professionals offers hands-on, practical advice for anyone looking to boost their sales productivity.

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10. Oxygen Learning

Oxygen Learning is a learning and development company that’s focused on sales, leadership and performance management. Their content helps companies reach their sales goals through team development and education.

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11. Inflexion-Point

Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners is a UK-based consultancy firm that helps B2B organizations increase sales performance in complex environments. We think their sales blog is one of the best out there.

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12. Todd Berkowitz

Todd is a research vice president at Gartner who focuses on B2B marketing and sales technologies. He looks at how data, analytics, content and tools can improve marketing and sales alignment, demand generation and upsell/cross-sell efforts.

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