Showpad Helps Coca-Cola European Partners Better its Buyer Experience for Prospects

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Coca-Cola European Partners

As the one of the most recognizable brands in the world, Coca-Cola is at an advantage: All of its potential customers are familiar with its products. The sales team does not have to educate buyers about the product and instead, they’re challenged to connect emotionally with prospects and deliver an exceptional buyer experience.

To build this emotional connection and establish salespeople as trusted partners, the sales enablement team for Coca-Cola European Partners needed a way to make messaging more consistent, give Marketing better visibility and cut down on rogue Sales decks.

Misalignment between Sales and Marketing meant salespeople had less customer face time because they were scrambling to find content. Coca-Cola’s European Partners’ Brussels team now uses Showpad to improve alignment between sales and marketing so its salespeople can focus on what’s most important: building relationships with customers.

Showpad created efficiency — Not just in our people but in our overall performance.

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