Leading Manufacturing Companies to Sales Success

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More agility and productivity in sales with Deloitte Digital and Bossard Group

Now more than ever, the manufacturing industry is currently facing significant challenges. The commoditization of the industry is putting increased pressure on prices and margins, making it crucial for manufacturers to differentiate themselves by offering complete solutions instead of standalone products. This trend calls for a true sales transformation that requires creating a better buyer experience for your potential customer.

Showpad partner Deloitte Digital will share more about the underlying trends for manufacturing and how companies can transform their sales teams to become the authorities in their field.

Showpad will demonstrate how sales enablement technology will support this sales transformation journey and Bossard Group will explain how doubling down on digitization will better equip sales people to pitch extensive product catalogues to more demanding customers while making Marketing much more productive.

Watch the webinar and find answers to following challenges:

Your sales teams are authorities about your products, but struggle to formulate business value and business impact to your customers.

You are continuously adding new products to your already extensive product portfolio but your sales reps are struggling to keep up and are finding it difficult to cross-sell to customers.

Your products look amazing but a simple picture in a catalogue doesn’t quite cut it. You need to offer your prospect an immersive experience but don’t know how.

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